Colorado Mountain Wedding Bridal Portraits

It is #WeddingWednesday, so here is a beautiful bridal portrait of Mallory, one of my June brides.  Photos where you can’t see the eyes are just so mysterious to me, love this one!

Traditionally, especially in the south, bridal portraits are actually done in a separate pre-wedding a month or two before your wedding.  You would have professional hair and make-up artists for the session, typically using trial runs which are included with the wedding package. Wedding timelines always run behind, portrait times always get cut, so doing bridal portraits on a separate day is a great way to ensure you get a nice variety of portraits of yourself looking the best you have ever looked in an amazing dress.  Besides, why buy a dress to only wear it once?  You obviously will need to keep your bridal photos hidden carefully, if your groom will be seeing your dress for the first time at their wedding ceremony.  But is it so worth it to have some nice pictures to display at the reception or to give to your parents or even your groom as a thank you on the day of the wedding.

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Lambert Family Pictures

What a strong family, I can’t imagine having such a sick child that you cannot help get better! Go Team Tiffany!!
Lambert Family Woodland Park_0001 Lambert Family Woodland Park_0002 Lambert Family Woodland Park_0003
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Edgewood Inn Wedding Photography

A short drive up from Colorado Springs is The Edgewood Inn – a gorgeous new mountain wedding venue in Teller County, Colorado.  It is located near Rampart Range Road and Reservoir in the hills above Woodland Park, Colorado.  This little Bed and Breakfast is perfect for a private intimate mountain weddings experience!  And to make it even more tempting, when you book with them, it becomes your home for the entire weekend!! Additionally, it is surrounded by hundreds of acres of the Pike National Forest, an adventurous mountain photographers dream.  It is beautiful up there all year long, even during a chili October day with freezing fog.

I hope you enjoy the following wedding portraits…

edgewood-inn-woodland-park-wedding-pictures_0001 edgewood-inn-woodland-park-wedding-pictures_0002 edgewood-inn-woodland-park-wedding-pictures_0003 edgewood-inn-woodland-park-wedding-pictures_0004 edgewood-inn-woodland-park-wedding-pictures_0005 edgewood-inn-woodland-park-wedding-pictures_0006 edgewood-inn-woodland-park-wedding-pictures_0007

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