Photographers in Woodland Park, Colorado

There are a lot of very talented photographers in my area. Last week  I had the pleasure of photographing one of them, Laurie Zander.  Her children’s photography is beautifully stylized, I love her use of costumes and props, check out her work business, Laurie Z Photography.  For her family portraits we headed to Colorado Springs and brought this beautiful couch a half mile into Red Rocks Open Space.  I think they came out beautifully, what do you think?

Laurie_z_photography_0001 Laurie_z_photography_0002 Laurie_z_photography_0003 Laurie_z_photography_0004 Laurie_z_photography_0005 Laurie_z_photography_0006 Laurie_z_photography_0011 Laurie_z_photography_0014 Laurie_z_photography_0010  Laurie_z_photography_0012 Laurie_z_photography_0016 Laurie_z_photography_0015 Laurie_z_photography_0009 Laurie_z_photography_0017

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