Colorado Wedding Planning Ideas and Tips

As a professional wedding photographer, Colorado mountain destination weddings are my ultimate favorite!  To me nothing is more stunning than a couple together alone on top of a mountain!

Going the extra mile to help my couples have a wonderful day is one of my passions.  Feeling comfortable and looking beautiful in the mountains can be a tall order on some days in Colorado.  That is why I work closely with my couple during their planning process to ensure they are prepared for anything the mountains can dish out.  In case you didn’t know before, mountain weddings do require a bit more planning than an urban city wedding.  Iconic mountain weddings don’t just happen, they are meticulously planned!

Get your notebook out, I’m sharing all my tips, tricks and inside secrets!  Logistics is my middle name.  Here are my top wedding planning tips for a Colorado mountain wedding…

Consider the final product when choosing your wedding date and venue.

First imagine your perfect day and a photo of it hanging on your wall – what would that photo look like?  What season would it be?  What are a couple of adjectives that would describe your day?

If you can’t quite imagine your wedding day, start planning by imaging your dream honeymoon.  Next research what month is best to travel there before booking your wedding date.


Always have a back up weather plan.

In the mountains the weather can change in an instant, a plan B for weather is a must!  Obviously for a rain free ceremony, but there are other things to consider with the changing weather.  Rain storms can drop the temperature quickly.  Everyone should consider the elements when choosing their wedding attire from head to toe (including hair and footwear).  Wind should always be a consideration as well, so layers are a must!  In Colorado, the weather has been known to drop 30 degrees in just 30 minutes!  I recommend that all ladies should always have a wrap or coat that compliments their dress (besides it doubles as great sun protection).  Additionally, consider having blankets and hot chocolate available for your guests if the weather is forecasted for temperatures in the 40s and below.  For early June weddings, be sure to have bug spray available, as the first warm air brings the mosquitos out.


Provide your guests with items to help them cope with the altitude.

Guests from out of town may not be prepared for the elements at your outdoor ceremony in the mountains of Colorado.  Prepare your guests for the altitude, altitude sickness it real and not a pleasant feeling.  Suggest they arrive a day or two early and to stay at a lower elevation during that time.  Keeping them safe and comfortable should be a top priority.  Always have sunscreen and water available for your guests anywhere they are outdoors!  Hate sunscreen like I do?  Consider offering an alternate to sunscreen and rent some classy parasols.  Having cheap sunglasses on hand isn’t a bad idea either.  Also, don’t forget older and younger guests may not be able to walk far, so be sure to have alternate transportation options for them.  Lastly, always have oxygen available for older guests as a precaution.

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Mountain weddings always require some extra communication to educate everyone about the environment of your dream wedding location.  They also require extra padding in your timeline, like allowing time for the reception rooms to be reset.  Plan for the worst case scenario, I promise you won’t regret it!

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