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Altitude Sickness Tips

Altitude Sickness

Guests from out of town may not be prepared for the elements at your outdoor ceremony in the mountains of Colorado.  Altitude sickness it real and not a pleasant feeling, so please prepare your guests for the altitude before the arrive with a few tips.  Suggest they arrive a day or two early and to stay at a lower elevation during that time.  They should also avoid or limit caffeine and alcohol intake.  Keeping them safe and comfortable should be a top priority.  Always have sunscreen and water available for your guests any time they are outdoors!  Hate sunscreen like I do?  Consider offering an alternate to sunscreen and rent some classy parasols.  Having cheap sunglasses on hand isn’t a bad idea either.  Also, don’t forget older and younger guests may not be able to walk far, so be sure to have alternate transportation options for them.  Lastly, consider providing an oxygen bar for guests as a precaution.  Having an oxygen bar at your reception can temporary relieve symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness (aka Altitude Sickness).  In the Summit County and Grand Lake County Area check out Oxygen To You.

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