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I remember when the newspaper started sending guys out with these huge shoulder cameras to get video shots to go with their still photos, and I said to myself ‘no way and I taking that big heavy thing and all that extra gear with me to a shoot’. But now our professional still photography cameras also do amazing video. It is so nice to be able to use the same gear to be able to provide couples with such an amazing product. I can’t believe that when I started in this industry I had no interest in video, but who could have imagined f/1.4 in 1080p HD – it is just so beautiful!!

Our video style is just like our photography style, romantic storytelling, and when it comes to video we know what matters, crisp audio from your vows and toasts. Check out my videography portfolio at:

I love attending every video class I can to keep us on the cutting edge. We are so excited to announce NEW FOR 2015 we will be offering the option to add drone shots from above! Imagine a simple selfie that widens out and flies up above you and your wedding venue. I can’t wait to show you a sample video! Stay tuned for more information.

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