Colorado Children’s Snow Day Photos

I almost always work outdoors, and fortunately winter is my favorite season! In the mountains of Colorado, children’s photography can’t always be done outdoors, but I love it when I get a call on a snow day for snow pictures. Children don’t always love the cold, but my style of photography leans heavily on candid play photos, which how I got these two finally together and smiling.


Or do you like this black and white photo better?  This picture makes me so happy, I just love how the big brother is looking at his little sister here!


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Colorado Snow Day Photos

Outdoor photos cannot be accomplished all year long in Colorado, some days are just way too cold.  However, we got the perfect storm for The Starr Girls annual photo shoot this year.  Warm and snowy!  I just love these photos, I can’t wait to share more from their session with everyone.


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