Shining Mountain Golf Club – Wedding Ceremony Pictures

I love working at Shining Mountain Golf Club just a few mile up Hwy 67 north in Woodland Park.

Shining Mountain Golf Course in Woodland Park, CO is an 18-hole semi-private golf course that opened in 1995.  Golf Digest Rated the course as one of the “Top 50 Courses to Play Once In a Lifetime” It is also one of my favorite wedding venues in the area!  Their 4,800 square-foot events center welcomes up to 220 guests at an unbeatable price!

Here are KaraLee and Rob Johnson’s Wedding Photos…

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Shining Mountain Golf Club – Wedding Ceremony Photos

I love working close to home in Woodland Park, I’m so proud of all our local businesses, we have such a great community.  I hope you enjoy these photos that really show it off.

To start the day off, the girls got their hair done by the fabulous ladies over at Studio West Aveda in downtown on Midland Ave.  I just love the view and all the natural light they get in their salon!  Then we were off to the wedding site, Shining Mountain Golf Club just up Hwy 67 north.  I have to say Rob and Shelly are the coolest people, I am so glad I got to know them!

woodland-park-colorado-wedding-photographers_0003 Shining-Mountain-Woodland-Park-Wedding-Photogarphers_0006 shining-mountain-golf-club-woodland-park-colorado-Wedding-Photogarphers_0001 shining-mountain-golf-club-woodland-park-colorado-Wedding-Photogarphers_0002 Shining-Mountain-Woodland-Park-Wedding-Photogarphers_0016 shining-mountain-golf-club-woodland-park-colorado-Wedding-Photogarphers_0003 shining-mountain-golf-club-woodland-park-colorado-Wedding-Photogarphers_0004 shining-mountain-golf-club-woodland-park-colorado-Wedding-Photogarphers_0005 shining-mountain-golf-club-woodland-park-colorado-Wedding-Photogarphers_0006 shining-mountain-golf-club-woodland-park-colorado-Wedding-Photogarphers_0007  Shining-Mountain-Woodland-Park-Wedding-Photogarphers_0008
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Shining Mountain Golf Club, Wedding Venue Review

Shining Mountain Golf Club in Woodland Park is located just about 15 miles west of Colorado Springs and has everything most brides are looking for.  It is a beautifully lush and sophisticated mountain wedding venue. As a photographer, it is wonderful to work here because it is an all day venue, no stressing about trying to rush through photos. Also, there is a wide variety of locations for portraits that are easy to quickly access and the view of Pikes Peak is hard to beat. Additionally, Becky Clifford is a wonderful wedding coordinator, she goes above and beyond to make sure the bridal party and all the guests have an amazing experience!! shining-mountain-woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers_0006 shining-mountain-woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers_0003 shining-mountain-woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers_0002 shining-mountain-woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers_0001 shining-mountain-woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers_0004 shining-mountain-woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers_0005

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Shining Mountain Golf Club – Johnston Wedding Photography

Here is a sneak peak at KaraLee and Rob’s wedding photographs from last weekend at Shining Mountain Golf Club in Woodland Park, Colorado…
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Shining Mountain Golf Club – Bloch Wedding

Here is a sneak peak at Shelly and Rob’s wedding photography from last weekend at Shining Mountain Golf Club in Woodland Park, Colorado…



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Shining Mountain Wedding Photographers

Sutter Wedding…
What a beautiful wedding at Shining Mountain Golf Club in Woodland Park! Here is the sneak peak, however I can’t wait to show you guys the rest of these photographs!

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