Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer and Videographer

I have photographed and filmed weddings all over the mountains of Colorado, from Grand Lake to Breckenridge way down to Telluride and everywhere in between. When you book with me you not only get my photography expertise but my extensive area knowledge as well. I have a passion for spending my free time wandering adventurously in the mountains of Colorado. My experience in the mountains means I know where to go (and when to go) to get that epic photograph you want. Looking for a private elopement location near leadville with great views of Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive? Trust me, I know the perfect spot!

Sometimes great views require hiking, sometimes incredible views can be seen from more accessible points like the side of the road or a campground.  Depending the level of adventure you are seeking I pride myself in helping you find the perfect location for your photography!  I will also help you plan ahead and prepare for the adventure that lies ahead, exploring the mountains together.  Mountain weather is very unpredictable and proper packing is key for a safe and fun trip.  We will talk about plan A, B, and C and what gear is need for all possibilities.


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