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This super secret spot on an alpine lake in the heart of the rocky mountains is one of my top 5 favorite intimate mountain locations in the US for an adventurous elopement! It is located in Summit County outside of the little mountain ski town of Breckenridge.  These jaw dropping 360 views can only be found in the fall in the mountains of Colorado.

As an adventure elopement photographer I love working with couples with rad love stories who want outdoor mountain weddings in epic locations and this one did not disappoint.  Destination adventure wedding photography is for fearless couples who love to wander in wild places, like these two New York artists, Mike and Leah.  I loved getting to know these two, they are such amazing people!  Mike is an accomplished guitarist who actually played at the wedding and you can view Leah Clark’s amazing animal art and at


Are you an authentic outdoorsy couple that loves without limits?  Do you want to have an amazing wedding without a formal venue?  Do you want to save money while planning a destination wedding?  An adventure elopement may just be the perfect fit for you!

I always go the extra mile to help you celebrate your vows for a life-long commitment in wild places.  As an avid outdoors woman with a resume that includes a BS degree in outdoor leadership, I work very closely with my couples throughout the entire wedding planning process to ensure they have a safe and fun plan and back up plan.

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Top 3 National Park Elopement Locations

National Parks are the best idea America has had, they preserve some of the most breathtaking views in the country, so why not take advantage of those views for your wedding ceremony location!

Here is a list of my favorite three national parks for a small, intimate wedding in a national park…

Grand Teton National Park has a wide variety of sites for weddings and they all have amazing views of the Tetons.  This is why it tops my list for the best national park to elope to.  From Schwabacher Landing to two church options, this park has it all.  They are all great locations for an intimate elopement, but in my opinion, nothing beats the view of this rustic barn on the flats with The Grand sticking up behind it.  Moulton’s barn on Mormon Row, it just doesn’t get any better than this…

Rocky Mountain National Park is a great park to elope to if you are an adventurous couple, because you can get a permit at places like this location, at Sprague Lake, any time of year!  If you like the off season and privacy, Rocky Mountain is the park for your wedding.


Joshua Tree National Park is a great park to elope to if you are looking for somewhere unique where you don’t have to worry about snow, like in the other two national parks I suggested for weddings.  The park surprisingly has multiple environments, from desert or oasis, so if you want some greenery you can find it there too.

Yosemite National Park & Glacier National Park would also make great locations for nature centered weddings.


Don’t forget most all parks require a permit to get married in the park.

Additionally, a professional National Park Adventure Wedding Photographer will likely be familiar with the rules and regulations in the park, as well as the option for sites and best seasons and times of the days for each location.

Top Adventure Wedding Photographers

The west is home to the country’s most adventurous weddings photographers and top mountain elopement photographers.

Many can be found in Colorado, like Maddie Mae and Marc and Brenda Bergreen, but some are found on the road, like The Hearnes.  However, the most famous, Charleton Churchill, can be found in Washington – and pictured here with Sheena Harper…

Sheena Harper lives in Idaho, but is based just across the border in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

What they all have in common is that we put safety first and are very experiences in ever changing mountain weather.  Couples who are passionate about the outdoors understand that there is no such thing as over planning for a back-country wedding.  Working in wild places is unpredictable, so you must plan for everything that could be thrown at you.


Adventure Photography Workshop

Part 2 of 2

This was a fun, but cold day.  It was great that the light in the canyon wasn’t harsh, but it was a little dark and flat.



Adventure Engagement Pictures

Hiking 7 miles with these adrenaline junkies felt like about 2 miles.  They are so easy going it made their photo session a breeze.  Such a fun couple to go on a mountain adventure photography session with!



Mountain Adventure Engagement Photos

This adventurous couple went rock climbing in the mountains with me for their pre-wedding photos.


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Adventure Wedding Photographer

What exactly is Adventurous Mountain Wedding Photography anyways?

Adventure wedding photography is for couples who are addicted to going on outdoor adventures, who love to explore wild locations and remote off the beaten path places.  Often it is most suited for couples planning small intimate ceremonies in the mountains.

I believe in loving deeply, living adventurously and exploring everything!  I am dedicated to the constant state of packing and unpacking and I feel most at home climbing around in the mountains.


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Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer and Videographer

I have photographed and filmed weddings all over the mountains of Colorado, from Grand Lake to Breckenridge way down to Telluride and everywhere in between. When you book with me you not only get my photography expertise but my extensive area knowledge as well. I have a passion for spending my free time wandering adventurously in the mountains of Colorado. My experience in the mountains means I know where to go (and when to go) to get that epic photograph you want. Looking for a private elopement location near leadville with great views of Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive? Trust me, I know the perfect spot!

Sometimes great views require hiking, sometimes incredible views can be seen from more accessible points like the side of the road or a campground.  Depending the level of adventure you are seeking I pride myself in helping you find the perfect location for your photography!  I will also help you plan ahead and prepare for the adventure that lies ahead, exploring the mountains together.  Mountain weather is very unpredictable and proper packing is key for a safe and fun trip.  We will talk about plan A, B, and C and what gear is need for all possibilities.


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Winding River Ranch Pictures

Winding River Ranch in Grand Lake is a wonderful family owned wedding venue with lots of options.  Last month I had the privilege of touring it with my studio group, TruLife.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the tour…

grand-lake-wedding-venue grand-lake-wedding-planner_0007 grand-lake-wedding-planners winding-river-ranch grand-lake-rustic-wedding-venues


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Mountain Adventure Engagement Pictures

I had a pretty great childhood traveling to lots of national parks across the country and exploring many of the mountains in the west. Growing up camping was so special and camping is one of my favorite past times!  Camping is also special to this couple.  They actually just returned home from a camping trip along the California coast in this very tent.

Nothing allows you to really get to know the outdoors like sleeping in the middle of the forest.  In this digital age we stay so busy, but stillness is really important for our brains to be creative. Camping in the woods with no cell service and immersing yourself fully in nature is a great way to get some much needed vitamin n or nature. Plus, it’s hard to get a full day of adventures in if you have to drive home in the evening.

Here is one of my favorite photos from Cody and Beth’s engagement portrait session in Lake George, Colorado (just down the road from Wild Canyon Ranch)…


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