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I had a pretty great childhood traveling to lots of national parks across the country and exploring many of the mountains in the west. Growing up camping was so special and camping is one of my favorite past times!  Camping is also special to this couple.  They actually just returned home from a camping trip along the California coast in this very tent.

Nothing allows you to really get to know the outdoors like sleeping in the middle of the forest.  In this digital age we stay so busy, but stillness is really important for our brains to be creative. Camping in the woods with no cell service and immersing yourself fully in nature is a great way to get some much needed vitamin n or nature. Plus, it’s hard to get a full day of adventures in if you have to drive home in the evening.

Here is one of my favorite photos from Cody and Beth’s engagement portrait session in Lake George, Colorado (just down the road from Wild Canyon Ranch)…


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  1. What a gorgeous idea – I love it! The photography is beautiful.

  2. Wow, what a unique session! Love what you had to say about us needing to get away from the digitial, the rush, the distractions! Great insight.

  3. Such a great photo!!

  4. What a cute idea for an engagement session! Very romantic!

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